burned basic for...

  • steemaking converter linings
  • steelmaking EAF linings
  • steelmaking ladle furnace linings



Far Horizon Trading Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2002. Two key ceramic engineers based in Mainland China were retained by MANAGED REFRACTORY PRODUCTS INC. to handle the local partner/producers contract obligations related to product application and selection, quality both physical and chemical, packing, logistics and building lasting relationships for ongoing work.

  • steelmaking tank linings
  • copper and nickel converters
  • glass production
  • energy saving furnaces
  • etc
  • Alumina Graphite
  • Tundish furniture
  • Fused Silica shapes
  • Ceramic Fiber Products
  • etc

Resin BONDED for...

  • Industrial furnace linings
  • non ferrous linings
  • steelmaking linings
  • etc


fireclay - hi alumina for...

Monolithic refractory